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RI Renter Credit Checklist

Tax Year 2022

In person appointments are required for filing with RI Renter Credit

We can’t process Renter Credit returns electronically, so please make an appointment and come to Amos House. In order for us to file correctly, you must be able to check off every item on the list below and have all the documents needed.

• I have my photo ID and my Social Security card with me today.

• I lived in Rhode Island for all of 2022.

• I was 65 or older on December 31st, or I received Social Security Disability payments in 2022.

• I rented an apartment from a landlord that pays property taxes on my building.

• My landlord was not a Housing Authority, Amos House, Crossroads, or a similar owner that doesn’t pay property taxes.

• My apartment had its own separate kitchen and bathroom.

• I was the tenant, i.e., my signature was on the apartment lease. (For co-tenants, only one renter credit is allowed per apartment.)

• I have documents with me that show all of my 2022 income, not counting SNAP.

• If I lived with a family member or roommate, I also have documents with me showing all of his or her 2022 income except for SNAP.

• The combined 2022 non-SNAP income of everyone in the apartment wasn’t more than $30,000.

• My rent was more than a certain percentage of that income, but less than 100%. (We can calculate this before beginning your return.)

• I have the full name, address and phone number of my 2022 landlord with me.

• I have with me three 2022 monthly rent receipts signed by my landlord; or a computer printout from my landlord showing my 2022 rent payments; or a letter from my landlord stating my 2022 rent; or a copy of my 2022 lease.