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What We Do

Social Services

From crisis intervention to long term stability, over 15,000 individuals seek assistance each year.

Emergency Assistance

Each day men, women and children walk in to social services looking for assistance with basic needs. We fill much needed prescriptions for those who cannot afford co pays, make payments on utility bills to help families keep the heat on, assist with birth certificates and state identification that will allow a child to start school or an unemployed adult apply for a job, and, on some occasions, help a grieving relative bury a family member. Whatever the need may be, Amos House provides support with respect and without judgment.

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Shelter Housing

As the state's only recovery-based shelter for those who are homeless and in need of addiction support and treatment, we fill a vital role. Individuals come to Amos House broken. While here, they regain their dignity and integrity

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Permanent Supportive Housing

Amos House has grown to become a leader in providing sustainable, supportive, affordable housing in Rhode Island. We offer housing for individuals and families, from group housing to individual apartments.

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Reunification Programs

Reunification Programs at Amos House include both a Mother-Child Reunification and a Fatherhood Program. Together they offer supportive housing, advocacy, and stable home environments for approximately 25 parents and 42 children each year.

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