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Reunification Programs

Mother-child Reunification and Fatherhood Programs

Amos House Reunification Programs focus on moving past yesterday and addressing the needs of today, so families can build strong ties and see a bright future.

Reunification at Amos House
Amos House offers Family Reunification Programs for both mothers who are looking to regain custody of their children and fathers who wish to establish or increase visitation or work toward joint or full custody. These Reunification Programs offer focused support for parents who have a history of substance abuse and whose addictions have played a disruptive role in their family structure. We believe these to be two of our most vital programs given their impact on the younger generation and their ability to break the often multi-generational cycle of addiction and poverty.

Mother-Child Reunification

The Mother Child Reunification Program (MCRP) is a unique program, offering family reunification, advocacy, support, and housing to women who have lost custody of their children. Designed to address the many issues causing instability in these families, MCRP provides a healthy, structured environment for mothers and children to begin the process of building a stable future. Participants are supported through 24-hour staffing and continuous structured activities.


The Amos House Fatherhood Program offers similar services and support to fathers as they work to play a more positive and impactful role in the lives of their children. The Fatherhood Program is structured to provide assistance navigating the legal system – one that does not always favor the rights of fathers who need a second chance. While the women in the MCRP are always seeking full custody, many of the men in Fatherhood wish to establish a legal right to visitation, increase existing visitation, or work toward joint of full custody if the family situation allows.