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Tax Documents Needed

Plan ahead and bring these documents with you

For a quick and easy tax filing, please have available the following for you, your spouse, and anyone you are claiming as a dependent.

o If available, a copy of last year’s federal and state returns

o Photo IDs for yourself and your spouse

o Social Security or ITIN cards for yourself, your spouse, and all dependents you are claiming

o All W-2s and 1099s, including social security, pensions and unemployment

o A complete list of self-employment expenses including, for professional drivers, your business and personal mileage

o Interest, dividends and any other income

o Mortgage loan interest and property taxes

o College tuition and required books and fees, and/or student loan interest paid

o (For MA residents) evidence of health insurance, and (for all residents) if you’ve received it, Form 1095-A from your insurer

o Economic impact (stimulus) and advance child tax credit payments received. Advance child tax credit recipients should bring the IRS Letter 6419 that was sent to you in January.

o Child care expenses paid, along with the name, address, phone and tax ID of your provider

o Information on large out-of-pocket medical bills, charitable contributions, and other potentially deductible expenses

o (For direct deposit) A blank check or bank card showing your routing and account numbers. If you can pull up your account on your phone, that also works.