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Customer Service and Call Center Training

Customer Service professionals need skills that allow them to interact with customers -- online, over the telephone, or in person. Customer service representatives typically handle customers’ questions, concerns, and complaints. They provide information about products and services, take orders, process returns, and document customer contact and actions taken. A skilled customer service professional requires active listening, articulate speech, strong reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Amos House's Customer Service & Call Center Training helps men and women build these skills through a comprehensive six week program.

Training focus includes: Communication; Workplace Conflict Management; Empathy and Understanding; Dealing with Difficult People Training; Computer Skills; Front-Facing Communication; Managing Mechanics (phone and documentation); Sales; and Customer Service Computer Systems. In addition, students receive essential skills training, contextualized literacy, math and computer skills, an internship opportunity, and CPR/First Aid and Customer Service Gold certificates during the six week course.